2020 Membership

We are accepting renewals for 2020 Membership. If you are a 2019 member, you have until December 18th to renew for 2020. The easiest way is to renew online. Go to our website https://cvsc.us and use to the member login portion on the right side of the screen (if you are at a desktop or laptop computer). You will need to use the “forgot password” link to begin. This process is easier on a full size computer screen.

The second way is to fill out and print the renewal form from the website under the Printable Paper Membership Form tab. Send it to our PO box with proof of NRA membership and check for $150 or $135 (age 62+).

Lastly, you can renew in person at our last membership meeting of 2019 — December 18. We meet at 6:30pm at the Newberg Public Safety Building.

December 18th will be the last day that you can renew your membership for 2020 and the only day that new members can join. Most of you are aware that we have a membership cap. At our meeting on Wednesday, December 18th at 6:30pm, we will give priority to current 2019 members renewing for 2020.

After all current/renewing members at the meeting have had an opportunity to renew, we will determine how many open membership spots are available and allow that number of new members to join. We expect that more people will want to join than we can accommodate so open spots will be distributed by random drawing at the December 18 meeting. Prospective new members must bring cash or check for $100 initiation fee, $150 annual membership ($135 62 or over) and proof of NRA membership.
If you are renewing by mail, your renewal must be postmarked no later than December 18.