A Message From CVSC


We have seen an increase in misuse and damage to the range, particularly on the rifle range.  The target backers are on a schedule to be replaced every 3 months.  Misuse creates more cost for you and the range.  A couple of reminders of section 2.6 of the Range Standard Operating Procedures:

  1. Do not shoot the red posts or cross beams.
  2. Do not hang anything off of the crossbeams 
  3. Only staple your paper or cardboard targets to the backer 
  4. No exploding targets of any kind

The pictures below were  taken 3-4 days after the replacement of the hundred yard backers.  This kind of destruction leads to less shooting time for you and could result in someone losing their membership.

If you have questions or see something to report please contact the Range Officer or the President of CVSC

Thank you,  

Chris Osterhoudt 

CVSC Range Officer