Tree Trimming June 17 – 18, 2024

A contract tree trimming crew will be performing maintenance from Monday, June 17 through Tuesday, June 18th.   They will be taking down dead trees and “leaners”, also known as widow makers.  Most of the activity will be between the front gate and the rifle deck.  The range will be OPEN.  If the tree trimmers ask you to move or stop shooting, please cooperate.

NOTE:  The shooting conexes  are CLOSED while the tree trimmers are on range property.  This is a safety issue because several nearby trees will be taken down.

Please don’t stand or park your car under falling trees.  Keep a safe distance.

Leave the fallen logs and chips alone for now.  Later, we will make the logs and chips available to members.


Jun 17 - 18 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm