August 19th Meeting

On Wednesday August 19th, Sheldon Clay (with Newberg PD) will be our guest speaker. He will be giving a clinic on how to clean and maintain AR’s. If you want to learn the best way to take care of you AR, plan on coming to this meeting.

The meeting will be Wednesday, August 19th at the Newberg Public Safety Building at 6:30 pm.

NRA Membership Special

As you are probably already aware, this year may be the toughest Second Amendment fight we have ever had.  Once a right is gone, it is gone.  The NRA is the staunchest and most effective pro-Second Amendment organization we have.  Without them we probably would have already lost this irreplaceable right. To encourage membership growth, the NRA has a promotion that drops membership costs to 1995 prices (25 yrs.).  This is the perfect time to show your support by renewing your membership,upgrading your membership, or gifting a membership to someone important to you. 

This promotion is only good until July 24th. 

Please visit: for information.