What is the new member selection process?

The new member selection process begins with downloading the new member application form and filling it out. Please write neatly and legibly, if we can’t read it, we can’t contact you about membership. If we can’t contact you, you won’t become a member.

New members are randomly selected from the applicant pool. Each applicant wishing to be a member and receive a key must provide their own application, proof of NRA membership, and will be liable for payment if selected. Submitting several applications per household is fine. (Self, spouse, child, grandparent, etc) But, only those selected can become members. Do not try to “game” the selection process. If several people are selected from a household, each of the selected persons will be liable to make a membership payment or the entire household is rejected. Don’t waste our time and prevent somebody willing to abide by the rules from becoming a member.

At the time of new member application drop off you MUST attach proof you are a member of the NRA.

On Wednesday, December 20th between 6:30 and 7:30 PM CVSC club officers will be outside of the Newberg Public Safety Building to collect your completed application with proof of NRA membership as you drive by. Do not include any payment. THIS WILL BE DONE VIA DRIVE-THROUGH ONLY. WE WILL NOT BE MEETING INSIDE. DO NOT PARK AND WALK IN. The Newberg Public Safety Building is located at 401 E 3rd St, Newberg OR 97132.

The day after drop off we will send an email to you to schedule a new member orientation at the range. The new member orientation will go over the range rules found in the SOP. The orientation will take about 90 minutes. There will be no live fire. For 2024 new members, the orientation dates are December 23, 2023, December 30, 2023, December 31, 2023 and January 1, 2024. Orientation times will be 09:00 AM or 11:00 AM. Be prepared to answer with your first and second choice. Other orientation times can be arranged for unusual circumstances.

Once you have completed the new member orientation and pay the membership fee, you will be issued a 2024 gate key.