Your Action Required by May 8

Comments Needed on California Style “Assault Weapons” Ban
Comments Due by May 8 to Oregon Sec. of State

NSSF reported to you recently that a proposed ballot initiative, Initiative Proposal 43, had been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State. IP 43 would ban the sale, transfer, and possession of many commonly owned semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns. In addition to the ban on semi-automatic firearms, IP 43 would ban “large capacity magazines,” which is defined as any ammunition feeding device capable of accepting or holding more than 10 rounds, with limited exceptions. The proposal would require California-like registration of such firearms and magazines already in possession. You would need to possess these items prior to the passage of the initiative, and then register these items with the state government by January 1, 2019.

The Oregon Secretary of State is currently accepting comments on the official title of the initiative; “Criminalizes Possession or Transfer of “Assault Weapons” (Defined) or “Large Capacity Magazines” (Defined), With Exceptions.”

Please send comments to the Oregon Secretary of State listing out your opposition to the title and nature of OP 43. The title given to this proposed initiative is extremely misleading as it would encompass thousands of commonly owned firearms used for self-defense, recreational shooting, competitive shooting, and hunting. Additionally, the use of “large” capacity magazines is misleading because many the standard magazines for many firearms accept more than 10 rounds.

Comments Deadline – May 8, 2018
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Mail:  255 Capitol St., NE, Ste 501, Salem OR 97310